Swaying Meadow

Here is a sample of my design entered into Spoonflower's Neutral Retreat design challenge. The dried grasses were hand-drawn using my homemade oak gall and walnut shell ink. You can use this link to vote for your favourite designs!

Marvelous Moths!

Here is a little sample of the designed for Spoonflower's design challenge on the theme of moths. The moths were drawn using graphite sticks. Watercolour paintings were used to add the pattern fills in the moths. To vote for the designs you like, use this link, Anyone can vote, no Spoonflower account is required. Lots of great designs so check it out!

Georgian Grove

A misty, moody scene of trees form the motifs for the Georgian Grove collection. This was inspired by early mornings in the Ontario, Canada landscape. A series of monochromatic watercolour paintings, using only Payne's Grey, were scanned and the pattern assembled in Photoshop. The individual motifs of trees were also turned into brushes to stamp the images in the background. Here is a sampling of the design and a mock-up of the collection in a home decor setting.

Watercolour Doodling

Playing around with a watercolour painting and Adobe Capture just for the fun of it. 😁 Here is the original watercolour sketch, Using Adobe Capture, I created two patterns. I seem to migrate to pink, orange and circles 🤔

Drawing with My Oak Gall Ink

Trying out dip pens and paintbrushes with my homemade ink. I'm planning on using this ink to do the drawings of grasses and plants for my next collection. I just love this ink! I find I get very interesting variations in colour and texture when using pens and brushes. My supply is starting to get low though so I need to boil up more oak galls and nuts soon! 😁

Bayelsa Collection

I carved more linocut stamps to use with some I had carved previously and created a series of tribal-inspired patterns for my A/W 19/20 collection Bayelsa. This collection, available now for purchase or licensing, was designed for the stationery, home decor, and tableware markets. To see the complete collection, check out my Design Gallery!

Playing with Photo Filters

For fun I applied various filters to the image from my 100 Days of 30 Minute Art: Day 25 painting....interesting result 🤔.....or maybe just a mess! 😁 Original image of Day 25 thirty minute acrylic painting.

Pattern Play

Playing around with my camera and Adobe Capture, just for the fun of it. 😁 I wonder how this would look indexed in Photoshop or Image Traced in Illustrator? I just may have to give it a try!


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