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Work In Progress: A Blue and White Mini Collection

I've always loved the combination of blue and white. It is such a classic colour palette, and yet still feels fresh and new. I find it is a perfect colour palette to update classic, traditional pattern designs such as damasks and paisleys.

Currently, I'm working on a paisley design. The paisley pattern was hand-drawn using oak gall ink that I made from locally sourced oak galls here in Chico. The paisley pattern was scanned and turned into a digital stencil. Using Rebelle 5 Pro software, I hand-painted the stencil in varying shades of blue. A similar technique was used to create the coordinating floral pattern. The Rebelle 5 Pro software was used to digitally oil paint the blue background.

Here are some mock-ups using the patterns created as well as a patchwork pattern designed using the paisley and floral patterns.


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