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Wild Fields

Sometimes I just love working with a monochromatic colour palette! I also love the variety of marks you can make using calligraphy pens and brushes. I wanted to create a pattern for the home decor market comprised of gestural drawings of grasses and other meadow flora. To design this pattern, I started with black ink, pens and brushes.

Here is a sample of some of the motifs I drew for this pattern,

These motifs were scanned and imported into Photoshop. Since this pattern is to be used on home furnishings, I decided to keep the individual motifs large in scale, and use an all-over layout. Here is a sample of the pattern,

The next step is to try this pattern on various mock-ups to see if anything needs to be adjusted. I think this pattern in a monochromatic colour palette creates a feeling of peace and tranquility; perfect for your home sanctuary!


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