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Two Options, No Decision!

I'm currently working on developing a pattern that will be used on an accent pillow. At this point, it is a single pattern not an entire collection but that may change in the future. What I can't decide is whether to do a placement design or an all-over type of a design.

To start, I created some stamps using craft foam or Speedball's Speedy Carve material. The stamps were printed using just black ink and the resulting images were scanned and imported into Illustrator. Once in Illustrator, I Image Traced the motifs and recoloured them into two shades of green and white. To build my pattern I had a basket weave type of a motif as well as various leaves and flower petals.

I started working on the placement design first. This was my original idea since the pillow is to be an accent pillow and I rarely create placement patterns so I thought it may be fun. Here is a draft of the design so far in a mock-up of a pillow,

It is not bad, but I do feel I need to add some more interest,....perhaps another different motif other than leaves and blooms.

Using the same motifs I then went on and created an all-over pattern. Here is a draft of the design, again on a pillow mock-up,

I'm liking this pattern more but maybe that's because it is more in line with what I do. This version doesn't feel like it needs another motif but since I will be making another stamp for the placement design, I'll probably re-work this pattern to incorporate it.

Decisions, decisions,... I just can't decide which pattern to go with,....yet!


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