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Tea Time!

Recently I re-visited a previous collection with the idea of updating the look. The only things I felt that needed updating was the fill patterns in the teapots and cups, and the colour palette of the collection.

For the fills, I replaced the hard-edged graphic patterns with a softer, hand-painted fill complete with layers of colour and various textures. Here is a pillow mock-up showing the original design,

Personally, I don't mind this version but I do find the fill patterns to be a little busy. The new fills for the teapots and cups use the abstract paintings I did previously (see the July 30th post Abstract Paintings). Here is a close-up og the pattern with the new fills and colour palette,

To get a better feel of the new look to the pattern, here is a pillow mock-up,

I'm liking the revised look and this is one colourway for this Tea Shop Collection. This collection is available for purchase or licensing. To see the entire collection, request a password to the design Gallery!


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