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Pattern Customization

I was recently contacted through my Spoonflower shop by a customer who was curious if I would re-colour one of my Hadrian and Antinous designs. The customer was interested in wallpaper featuring my design Shrouded in a charcoal gray colour palette. This sounded like a wonderful opportunity, so I said yes!

My client provided me with an example of the gray colour palette he wanted. The gray palette that he like was the one I used in my pattern Wild Fields. Here is the original Shrouded design in shades of blue, and the pattern Wild Fields in shades of gray.

I provided my client with three options of the Shrouded design in different ranges of grays. I also provided images of the design, in the various gray ranges, close-up and as an overall pattern. Here is an example of the Shrouded design close-up and in a repeating pattern for one of the gray options.

Giving my client three gray options close-up and in a repeating pattern made it easier for my client to visualize as wallpaper and to get a sense of the overall look of the design in gray. From the three gray options, my client selected the one that went best with his vision and existing interior design. Here is the final Shrouded (Charcoal) design selected to be printed by Spoonflower for the wallpaper,

Once my client had selected and approved the final design, Spoonflower printed and shipped a test wallpaper swatch for me to proof. After checking the wallpaper sample for colour and repeat, my client was able to order his customized Shrouded wallpaper in charcoal gray.

This was a fun collaboration, and my client was thrilled with the resulting wallpaper. If you are interested in any of my designs in my Spoonflower shop but would like them in a different scale or colour, please contact me through my Spoonflower shop or by email using the form found under the Contact tab on my website. We can discuss your requirements and come up with a solution!


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