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An Easter Pattern...maybe...

Another round with the Random Motif Generator that I mentioned in my previous blog post! This time around the Generator gave me; "outdoor" (pillows, tablecloth, napkin, chairs, etc) for the product, "monochromatic" for the colour palette, "Easter" for the category, and "acrylic" for the medium.

I just couldn't get into painting Easter eggs or rabbits so I went with the palm leave. I did a loose painting of palm leaves, scanned them, and created this pattern in Photoshop.

To me this isn't exactly feeling like Easter, more tropical, but hey, maybe if you pair it with Easter eggs and a chocolate bunny it will still work. If nothing else your outdoor decor could easily transition from Easter to summer!

Next up according to the Random motif Generator is; "curtains" for product, "low contrast" for colour palette, "winter" for category, and "collage" for the medium. Sounds challenging!


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