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A Complete Surprise

I'm still working through my 100 Day Challenge and it has been a lot of fun to just play with various graphic programs, original paintings and drawings, and come up with something new each day. I've been treating each day's work as an experiment.

For Day 41, I created a striped background using digital pastel brushstroke in Photoshop in a range of blues taken from WGSN's Fall/Winter 22/23 Interior colour palette. I used the liquify filter to turn the stripes into a more marble-like pattern. It wasn't bad but I wanted more texture in it. For fun, I overlaid a digital drawing I had done in an red-orange colour of small circles, sort of a micro geometric pattern. It wasn't very interesting until I applied a filter to the red-orange geometric layer and a bold blue pattern emerged! Who knew, not at all what I expected! To complete this day's design, I included watercolour drawings of grasses and wildflowers in a monochromatic blue colour palette in the centre square.

This is an example of what I like about this 100 Day Challenge, just experimenting with no preconceived ideas as to what the outcome will be. These experiments though could certainly impact future design work!


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